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[FIC] "Kiss Me Deadly"

Title: Kiss Me Deadly
Author: WickedGame
Genre: action, romance
Pairing: 1=2 or 1+2+1
Rating: R
Warning: Timeline skipping, not beta read
Notes: This was written for ravensilver's birthday when it was originally posted. Reposted here due to people asking to see it.

The Here and Now

Duo Maxwell sat up and just knew that something was different. The digital clock blinked two in the morning with glowing green lights and the world seemed calm and at peace. But something inside, in the gut, told him that something was definitely…different.

He looked over at Heero, who was asleep on his stomach, and sighed. He lowered his mouth to a perfectly shaped ear and spoke clearly but softly, a lover’s whisper even though it was a lie. “Something’s up.”

Deep blue eyes opened and Heero wrapped his strong arms around Duo. “What do you mean?” he whispered intimately.

Duo involuntarily shivered at the husky tone of voice that had become so familiar. “I’m going to go check the logs.”

Heero let go and Duo swung his bare legs over the edge of the bed. The gold band on his left hand glinted in the moonlight that was streaming through the window and Duo took only a moment to glance at it before throwing on his black robe and matching slippers.

“Hurry up, the bed gets cold when you’re gone.”

Duo shut his eyes and willed himself not to react with any sarcasm in his voice. “Stay warm, gorgeous.”

Duo walked into the master bathroom in their palatial mansion and closed the door. He hummed and turned on the fan to cover the sound of his activities. He opened the clear shower door and closed it behind him. Limestone surrounded him and he pressed gently on a certain tile. Another tile opened on the same wall to reveal a retinal scanner.

The red beam scanned his eye and then closed again. With a soft click the wall that held the shower head came open just enough for him to open it the rest of the way with his fingers. He opened it towards him and then stepped through. With a click it closed behind him, leaving the spacious bathroom empty.

Six Months Earlier

“I wonder what she wants?” Duo asked as they strode down the halls of Preventers Headquarters in Manhattan.

“I don’t know. She could be sending us on any number of missions or assignments.” Heero sounded pensive as they turned a corner and opened a set of reinforced doors.

Natalia, the secretary Commander Une and Lieutenant Commander Po shared, greeted them with a smile and a wave. “Go right in.”

Heero and Duo passed through another set of reinforced doors into the conference room that was used for smaller meetings such as this.

Une and Po were sitting at the head of the table, their heads close together in conversation. They looked up at their two best agents thoughtfully.

“No offense ladies, but that look right there has never meant anything but trouble for Heero and me,” Duo said with a slight edge to his voice.

Heero let out a soft chuckle and sat down in a chair in the middle of the table. Duo sat across from him and leaned back on the two back legs of the chair.

Une looked at Duo sharply and then sighed as she realized that his smile meant he wasn’t moving without a fight. “Fine. It doesn’t necessarily mean trouble, Maxwell, but it does mean that we have a mission for the two of you. You’re going undercover. Deep undercover.”

Heero sat up straight as a small folder was passed to him. Duo, however, took his from Sally and stayed where he was.

After a moment Heero sat down the folder and took a deep breath. Duo’s chair legs hit the floor and he rocked forward. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“A string of murders in the night; all in the same neighborhood and all to important political figures. We need you to stick around, find out what they all have in common, and find out who’s behind it. It has to be someone they all know, someone they have in common. You are to assume this disguise and stick around until you find out what’s going on and solve this case. When you find out all you need to know and have it solved you will call us on a secure line and we will bring in agents to secure the suspect or suspects. You will be a part of the final apprehension but other than that there shouldn’t be much risk for you at all.”

“No risk, sure. But you want us to change our identities and get married!”

“The disguise must be complete so that you’re not compromised. The records have been faked and the names have been changed. Right after this meeting you will proceed to the courthouse, purchase a marriage license, go get married by a judge and then you will be legally married.” Une sounded like this was no big deal but Duo was incensed.

“Gee, do we even get to pick out our own rings?”

“Watch your tone, Maxwell. And no, the rings are picked out to reflect your new lifestyle. Welcome to being rich.”

“Duo.” Heero’s tone made Duo look at him. “It’s okay. We can do this. I don’t like it either but we can do it.”

Duo grunted but nodded. “Mission accepted I guess.”

Two Weeks Later

“Thank you so much for coming! Dear, look who’s here! It’s the Stolls!” The vapid, blond, trophy wife of Senator Connelly shook the hands of her guests and passed them each a glass of champagne.

The portly senator waddled over to them and shook their hands roughly. “William! Lucas! How great to see the two of you! How’s business?”

Duo brushed lightly at the front of his designer suit and scoffed. “Business is brilliant, of course. Can’t complain.”

Heero cuffed Duo on the back of the head. “Bill, don’t be immodest.”

The senator and his wife looked at the two of them with big smiles.

“They make such a lovely couple, don’t they darling?”

“If you like that sort of thing, darling, then guess they are.”

The Here and Now

Duo listened quietly to the sounds of the logs playing in his earphones. The room around him was quiet and cold and he jiggled his legs to keep warm.

His eyes widened and he listened closely before writing something down quickly on paper. He threw off the earphones and picked up a small black phone.

“Agent Foxtrot-Sierra-Charlie-Kilo-one-zero-zero-five to base, come in base.” His voice was excited and it carried over.

“This is base, go ahead.”

“Turtle is scheduled to snap at 2300 hours on this day. Target is Congressman Tuglio. Over?”

“Information received and relayed. Expect team later today as was discussed. Good job.”

Duo disconnected and ran his fingers through his hair. The team would be coming under the disguise of being a large party, which meant he would be calling the caterers again today.

He shook his head and sighed. As of tomorrow, William and Lucas Stoll would be no longer and he and Heero would go back to being Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell. Not husbands, only partners.

When they had been given this assignment it wasn’t the thought of marrying Heero and having to share his bed that had upset Duo. It was the thought that it wasn’t a reality, that it wasn’t true and that sharing a life with Heero would be a lie. Undercover and acting at being in love.

But he had already been in love with Heero. He didn’t need to act it. And every day they lived this lie he felt like he was dying a little. But he knew that as soon as the strike team assembled and brought down the assassin he would go back to being sick in love with his partner but would no longer be so close to him.

Would never share a bed with him.

Would never taste kisses meant for show but didn’t feel like it.

Would never be whispered to and held, even if every whisper had been talk of the mission and meant to only look like lover’s intimacies.

Duo wiped a stray tear away and stood. Heero needed to know that their mission was nearing an end.

Heero sat up in bed as Duo walked into their bedroom. Duo shed his robe and slippers with a lump in his throat and climbed back underneath the covers, where his boxer-clad body met Heero’s in a close embrace.

“Later on tonight at eleven. The strike team will come in the early evening. Congressman Connelly is the target. It’s almost over. You can take off that ring and we can go back to being buddies, isn’t that great?” The friendly chit-chat seemed out of place in hushed whispers but they had to be careful in case of audio bugging. They swept the place daily but you could never be too careful.

“Yeah. Let’s get some sleep.” Heero kissed Duo for the potential audio and video bugging and then lay down on his side. Duo ran a finger over his lips and savored the kiss as silent tears began to fall. He knew it was the last kiss he would probably ever receive from Heero. He rolled over and put his back to Heero and stared out the window into the night. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep and so he evened out his breathing and just stared.

He never thought he would be so reluctant to get back to being Duo Maxwell.

2330 Hours – Same Day

Duo and Heero sat at the back of the strike team and glanced down at their black fatigues and body armor. “I never thought I’d miss this, but I did!”

Heero smirked. “Not longing for your black, silk pajamas?”

Duo stuck out his tongue. “No way. Not now.” In actuality, he had not missed wearing the body armor as much as he had missed Heero decked out in the all black outfit. It had always made Heero look deadly sexy and Duo had found himself drooling more than once in the past when Heero wore it.

They looked forward and saw the strike team commander giving the command to go. Duo went with the team on the left and Heero went with the team on the right. They knew the assassin was already inside and they moved quickly because they knew he would try to leave as soon as he realized the Congressman’s family and all the classified government information they held had been moved earlier that day while he had been at his ‘job’.

One team went up the staircase while the other went down into the kitchen and offices. They started to scrutinize every room, every nook and every cranny. Duo passed a hallway and left it to the agents right behind him to check it.

It was too late before he realized what a mistake that was. A cold barrel was pressed against his head and his arm was grabbed.

“Fuck.” Duo’s voice wasn’t panicked but it was slightly pissed. “I can’t believe I did that.”

“Stupid fucking Preventer. I should’ve known it. You and your ‘husband’ weren’t so married, were you? I checked and checked and couldn’t find any dirt on you but I wondered where two gay fuckers got all the cash you two have without being famous.” The voice was amused and angry and then silent as Duo was dragged into the basement.

“No window, no snipers. Let’s see them get me down here with you as my hostage.” Duo couldn’t see the man’s face but he knew what it looked like: stringy blond hair, dull gray eyes and a hollow expression; a junkie that was largely ignored by his family and made his drug money selling government secrets.

Duo relaxed his body and waited patiently. They had all been through this kind of thing before in training and re-training. He just needed to bide his time and wait for the inevitable.

The inevitable came only minutes later when a team of agents climbed slowly down the staircase and were promptly shot at. Duo’s ears rang and he became briefly deaf, but he did not close his eyes or flinch. He stayed standing even as the agents were blown back or as they took shots in places their armor did not cover. He willed himself to not see the blood or the gore and just waited.

“Come on down now, Preventer agents! I’ve got one of your own with a gun to his head! Come to think about it, I’ve also got a handy knife that I could easily use to slit his throat too! Maybe cut off all this annoying hair. You must really be gay, whatever-your-name-is, because no real man wears his hair in a damned braid!”

“Don’t touch the hair, asshole.” Duo didn’t care what he thought of that. He could stick it in his pipe and smoke it for all Duo cared. The damned braid was his and no one was cutting it off but him.

There was a commotion at the top of the stairs and the sound of someone being held back. Duo hoped to hell it wasn’t Heero trying to dive in and save him because Duo frankly couldn’t take it if Heero got hurt right now.

“Look, buddy.” Duo decided to try and talk to the guy. “We all have body armor on and you don’t. You’re outnumbered. Why don’t we talk this over and see what we can do? What do you want?”

The junkie scoffed and pressed the muzzle of the gun hard into Duo’s head. “I’m not stupid, you idiot. I’m a junkie and I don’t really care how many of you there are. I just know that I don’t want to go to jail.”

“Jail’s a tough place. Why don’t we get someone in here to help make that jail thing go away?” Duo hoped that this guy would take the help as he extended it, but the cold metal pressed harder into his head.

“Where’s your husband, hmmmm? Why isn’t he here, saving you? Man, he must not love you very much if he’s being so chicken.”

Duo’s eyes flashed and darted up to the top of the stairs. He saw an agent get decked and knew his time was short. “It was a lie, you flippin’ asshole. He never loved me and we were never really married. We were under assumed names and as soon as we found out about your little plans here we stopped even acting married!”

“Then why are you still wearing your wedding band, hmm? Take it off, I dare you.”

Duo saw an opportunity but didn’t want to take off the band. He felt as if it was the only thing that tied him to this time, where he and Heero had acted happy and acted like they were truly in love. It was only gold but it felt like so much more.

Duo saw Heero come down the stairs through the agents that were trying to hold him back and Duo knew it was time. He raised his hand like he was going to take off the band and saw Heero’s face twist up like he was about to say something. Duo brought up the elbow and sent it back quickly, ramming his captor in the gut. The gun dropped and went off as it hit the floor, firing into the ceiling. The knife the junkie held sliced his skin in the back but it was nothing serious. As he jumped away the agents swarmed and captured the suspect, cuffing him as Duo walked toward the stairs and the exit.

Twenty-four Hours Later

Duo stepped out of his shower and mentally noted that the salon shampoo he had used while undercover had done more for his hair than this cheap store brand ever had. He toweled off his hair and reached for his black robe only to come up with a ratty terrycloth one instead.

He looked in the mirror and realized the only thing that was different about him was the dark circles and heavy bags under his eyes. The debriefing and medical treatment had both been long and boring, leaving him more than exhausted. He walked into his bedroom and pulled a white t-shirt out a drawer. As he went to put it on he caught the reflection of gold in the mirror on his wall. He stopped and looked at the ring on his hand. He hadn’t been able to take it off and Une had looked as if she had understood when he had refused to do so at the office. He grabbed it with his fingers and went to pull but the ring would not budge. Duo sighed and pulled on a pair of flannel pants.

The doorbell ringing was not something he expected. His eyes darted around and he grabbed a small handgun from the top of the bureau. He walked quietly on bare feet to the front door of his apartment and stood next to the door. “Who’s there?”

“It’s me.” Duo didn’t think he’d ever been so glad to hear Heero’s voice. He unlocked the door and opened it but he was nearly shocked into closing it by the look on Heero’s face.

“What’s wrong, Heero?” Heero looked like he had been crying. His face was a little swollen and his eyes were red. He was wearing sweatpants and a tank top but wore sandals on his feet. Heero never left the house without his shoes and socks on unless they were going to the beach.

Heero held up his hand and the gold band there glinted on his finger. “It won’t come off.”

Duo blew his bangs out of his face and willed himself not to punch the man he loved. “Don’t you have any oil around your house? I’m sure we can get it off if it bothers you so much. Come on in.” Duo walked toward the kitchen and squashed the little bug of irritation and hurt inside of him. He reached up into a cupboard and then startled as two strong arms wrapped around his exposed waist.

“I don’t think you understand. It can’t come off. It won’t come off. It won’t let me take it off. I don’t want to take it off.”

Duo bit his lip and then exhaled. “Neither do I. I seem to have a problem taking it off as well.”

“Do we have to go back? Can’t we…” Heero’s voice trailed off and then began again. “I don’t think I can sleep alone anymore. I don’t think I can sleep a night without you there beside me.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want this being some kind of weird, getting-over-being-undercover thing, Heero. I don’t want it unless you’re offering it all.” Duo turned around and looked directly into Heero’s eyes, hoping he could see there what he thought Heero had been feigning the whole time they were undercover. There was a shining there he recognized, the earnestness of it driving him wild. “Are you offering it all?”

Heero nodded and pressed his forehead against Duo’s. “Everything. Just, please…please tell me I don’t have to go back to living without you.”

Duo felt a tear fall down his cheek and into the crease by his nose. He didn’t wipe it away but didn’t trust his voice to speak either. He just nodded and hugged Heero tight to him.

“Thank you.” Duo just cried harder at Heero’s words of gratitude and nodded harder.

“You’re welcome.” Duo sniffed and tried to get his crying under control. Heero used his fingers and thumbs to wipe Duo’s tears away and Duo smiled gently for him. “You’re such a good husband.”

Heero laughed softly and kissed Duo gently. “I learned from the best.”

-The End-


( 4 comments — Say Something )
Oct. 30th, 2007 10:48 pm (UTC)
That was so sweet. I really feel for both of them. Great work.
Oct. 31st, 2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
Aweee, what a sweet ending *feels all warm and fuzzy now* Thank you for sharing!
Dec. 11th, 2007 03:05 pm (UTC)
I love you! this is the best romance-action fic I ever read! theee heee :::^_^:::
*runs off crying, because it is so beautiful, the
way WickedGame's fic touched her heart*
( 4 comments — Say Something )

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