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Drabbles from wickedgameff

So, a few weeks ago I wrote drabbles for people at their prompts over on my main journal. Here they are, in non-comment form, separated by LJ cuts.

Nekozawa stayed in the shadows almost all the time, save when he thought it beneficial to reveal himself to an unwilling victim. And this was one of those times when he definitely thought it best to stay in the shadows, concealed, with Beezlenef warming his hand.

There was no one else in the music room when he had come in, but shortly after he had hidden in the darkened corner Kyouya and Tamaki had come into the room, close to ripping each other's clothing off.

"Tamaki," Kyouya growled as he tossed a shirt onto the floor, "don't make that face at me out in public. We agreed we didn't want everyone knowing about...this yet."

Tamaki silently unbuckled the belt at Kyouya's waist quickly, deftly unbuttoning his slacks and pushing everything down over Kyouya's hips, letting it fall of its own accord. "I know, but how can I resist?"

Kyouya turned Tamaki around and pushed him over the arm of the expensive sofa their guests sat on every day and drank tea on. Tamaki rocked his hips on the brocade fabric with it's flowery motif and groaned, making Kyouya push up his glasses and kneel behind him.

Nekozawa couldn't see what Kyouya was doing, but he knew exactly what he could not see: Kyouya's tongue lapping at Tamaki's asshole, licking and thrusting into the tight, pink pucker he would find there. It would more than likely taste like sweat and soap, things men generally smelled of. Kyouya would spread Tamaki's pale ass cheeks apart and delve inside, which was exactly what was making Tamaki buck and moan about right then. Nekozawa longed to touch his erection through his robes, but Beezlenef was urging him to wait, wait just a bit longer.

There were no words coming from the mouths of Tamaki and Kyouya as Kyouya stood back up and took his cock in hand. He spit on the head and the shaft, spreading his saliva around carefully. He leaned foward and Nekozawa heard the groan of Tamaki, and saw his strained face as he accepted Kyouya's cock in his ass.

"Kyouya!" Tamaki gasped as his lover and friend was seated inside, grunting as Kyouya pulled out and pushed back in.

Nekozawa watched as Kyouya bent on Tamaki, sucking and biting his neck and back, pausing to kiss it and lick it every once and awhile. Tamaki, for his part, clawed at the flowery cushions and humped against the arm of the sofa, searching for his own release.

Nekozawa could see it on their faces, watching as each of them approached the edge and tipped over it. Kyouya did it silently, his face pinched and his body bucking erratically. Tamaki did it loud, shouting Kyouya's name as his whole body became taute and then limp.

They were still panting when Nekozawa left the room unnoticed. He was kind of good like that. And now it was time to slip into the shadows of yet another room, to relive what he had just seen and dream of putting himself in between them.

Inuyasha hated it when Kagome left and went back to her own time. He'd never admit it, but he did hate it, and it sometimes made him bitter. Sometimes, though, he was just sad and kind of lonely without her around.

Sango and Mioroku were always off with Kirara, and Shippo spent a great deal of time with Kaede during the times Kagome was gone. They all felt it when she left, a piece of their puzzle missing. Inuyasha thought that he probably felt it more than the others though, because he met Kagome first.

He loved Kagome first.

They all loved her, he knew that. They all admired her and respected her. She was strong, for a human anyway.

But he loved so much more than just that. Kagome had helped to heal parts of him he never thought could be healed. Kagome had done what Kikyo had sought to do and failed: she had made him feel proud of both sides of his identity. She had made him feel like he wasn't just a half-breed. He was just Inuyasha, and she liked him just the way he was.

But it wasn't all fluffy and sweet when it came to his feelings for Kagome. It made him feel guilty sometimes, how much he truly wanted her. He could smell her: smell her womanly scent, smell when she was prime for mating, smell the light perfume she wore practically before she came out of the well. His sharp eyes could track her in the dark, watching the way her black hair blew in the breeze and watching the way her eyes would catch the moonlight. From the trees he could watch her bathe, watch the water stream over her body and watch the droplet fall from her erect nipples. The patch of hair between her legs would become damp, and he could imagine that it was damp with arousal, waiting for his touch.

In the tree he sat sometimes, his dick in his hand. It always grew hard when his thoughts lingered on Kagome. When he had first seen her she had been wearing that short skirt all the girls in the modern world seemed to wear, and her breasts had seemed so full under her shirt. He had sat awake quite a few times in those first night thinking about it, thinking about her. Her legs seemed so long, and more than once Inuyasha had gotten a peek under that skirt while in battle.

He stroked himself and thought about running his hands up her thighs, parting them and pulling her under garments down her legs. Her smell would be so strong, and she would be so damp. In those first days he thought he wouldn't even wait to take off her clothing, but now he thought about how much he wanted her, and how much he loved her, and he thought that maybe she deserved better. He would take her clothing off, inch by inch, licking and sucking her skin as it was revealed. He would part her thighs and suck on her clit until it was engorged and she was thrashing in pleasure. He would ease between her legs and push inside of her, ever so slowly, trying to be tender.

She would be tight, hot, and slick. He would move inside of her until he exploded, releasing his seed into her.

Inuyasha sped up his strokes as he felt his orgasm approach, his fist moving erratically as white semen spurted out of the head and onto his hand and the tree branch he sat on.

He left his dick out, using his robe to wipe up the sticky fluids. He leaned back against the trunk and looked to the well again.

He may never be able to tell Kagome how he felt, or be with her like he wanted; but in his fantasies she was his, and that would have to do for now.

Everywhere Kyouya looked things were sparkling. Tamaki's eyes, Haruhi's sweet smile, the champagne in their glasses, the stars in the sky...

Everything was sparkling and Kyouya wondered if he was sparkling too.

Tamaki had brough the champagne, of course. Kyouya had prudently called out for food before he even came over. Haruhi hadn't known they were coming, but she had welcomed them with somewhat opened arms, not bothering to apologize for the haphazard state of her new apartment.

"It's a mess, but I will finish putting everything away tomorrow," she had said as Kyouya had weaved through boxes and stepped over books.

Tamaki had taken one look and decided he would hire people to unpack for her. Haruhi rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"No, Tamaki. I can do this myself. It's no big deal, it's just some boxes."

Tamaki had been aghast at the very suggestion. "Just some boxes? Haruhi, you don't need to do this sort of work! Let me take care of everything."

Kyouya knew that once Tamaki had set his mind on something that there was very little that could be done about changing his mind. It had taken some time to learn this, and he wasn't surprised that Haruhi was picking it up faster than he ever did. Haruhi always saw through them, saw right through to the core of them in a completely unsettling way. Haruhi was smarter than all of them combined.

Not that he'd ever let that bit of intelligence escape him.

So they ate and drank champagne and now everything was sparkling and everyone was smiling. Kyouya realized, unsettlingly, that they were smiling at him.

"What are the smiles for?" he asked, crossing his legs gracefully.

Tamaki looked at Haruhi, and she looked right back before turning back to Kyouya.

"Kyouya," she started to say as she sat down her fluted glass, "you're glowing."

"Glowing? Impossible," Kyouya said as he drained his glass.

Tamaki nodded and put a hand on Kyouya's knee. "When you look at us that way, your eyes sparkle."

"What way?" Kyouya asked as he uncrossed his legs and stood up. Tamaki followed, standing in front of Kyouya.

"It's no secret, you know," Haruhi said simply, moving to stand next to Tamaki. "We've discussed it before."

Kyouya pushed up his glasses and turned around. Haruhi followed, standing in front of him, while Tamaki stood at his back. Elegant arms came up around him, holding tight to his waist.

"We want to share it with you," Tamaki whispered in his ear. Haruhi smiled cheerfully and stood on her tiptoes.

"Share what?" Kyouya asked, his voice clipped in tone.

Haruhi came closer, wrapping her arms around his neck. "We want to share our happiness with you, Kyouya."

When Haruhi kissed him he felt as if he wanted to just pick her up and carry her away. And when Tamaki kissed his neck and nipped at his ears he felt like he wanted to push back into his friend, to feel that body up against his.

They all had so much to give. It only seemed right to share it.

It wouldn't do to let that spark go to waste.

Heero walked out into the rain and swiftly towards the wooden doghouse that sat in the corner of his yard.

He stood at the front of the small structure and looked at the darkened entry. "Are you ready to come out now and be a good boy?"

A small 'woof' came from inside the doghouse, reluctant in tone. Heero shook his head and took out a leash.

"Come out now and let me put on your leash. I'll let you eat and have a bath."

His pet came out on all fours, legs and arms covered in mud and caked-on dirt. His long hair was unbound and tangled, with grass caught in it in places. His eyes looked dull and unhappy, but he nuzzled up against Heero's leg and whined while his leash was hooked on.

Heero led his pet into the house and put the leash on the hook by the door. He removed the leather collar and hung it there too, to be replaced once they were done.

Duo always ate on the floor, with his fingers. Heero knew some masters didn't allow their pets to eat as such, but Heero didn't want to degrade Duo so much that Duo couldn't still act like a human if the situation warranted it. So Duo sat on the floor and ate his rice and meat with his hands, chewing happily on the carrots and other vegetables Heero had provided for him. When done he drank water from a glass and then waited patiently while Heero ate his food.

Heero smiled at the improved attitude of his pet. He pushed himself away from the table and stood, beckoning with his finger for Duo to follow.

Bath time was good, filled with touch and affection. And when it was done, Duo was toweled down and sent to the bedroom.

Duo loved the bedroom most. He slept on the floor, curled up on warm blankets. But sometimes Heero let him sleep on the bed, especially if he had used his pet beforehand. Duo kneeled and waited, waited for Heero to come and tell him if he was forgiven, to let him please his master and maybe sleep in the bed.

And indeed, as Heero entered, Duo saw he was naked and hard.

"On the bed, Duo," was Heero's command, and Duo obeyed.

Duo was reminded of how priviledged he was to be Heero's pet as his master entered him without preamble. His master's cock was big, and he used it well. He always made sure Duo was satisfied too, even though Duo wasn't sure he deserved it sometimes.

He loved his master, and someday he hoped his master would love him too.

Duo struggled against his bonds a little, feeling the knots tighten around his wrists the more he pulled. The blindfold was tight around his eyes, and he couldn't hardly even tell that the lamps were still lit in the room.

"Quatre, are you even still here? You didn't leave me hanging, did ya?" Duo made his voice level, willing it not to waver in tone or in strength. Trust was something not easily given by him, not to anyone. But Quatre had pleaded and begged and promised to be good, so Duo had finally consented to the bondage, giving over his control to Quatre for one night only.

"No, I didn't leave you here by yourself," Quatre said softly as he climbed back onto the bed, "I just had to go get a couple of things."

"What kind of things did you get? Come on! I'm dying here!" If Duo's hands were not tied to the headboard he would be pointing frustratingly at his erection, swollen and dripping on his stomach. Quatre had wrapped his mouth around his cock only minutes before, bringing Duo to full hardness and then leaving. Duo only hoped his longing moan when Quatre had left was not heard by the household staff.

"Bring your knees back. Bring them up to your chin," Quatre instructed. Duo did as he was told, his knees coming up, his erection leaving slick trails on his stomach and his asshole exposed to Quatre's blue eyes.

Duo heard the telltale squirt of lube, and then felt Quatre's finger at his entrance. It pushed inside, working it loose a little before pulling back out.

The warm, slick finger was replaced with cold, slick acrylic. Duo gave a little start as he was stretched, bigger than a finger, but not as big as two.

"What is that? What are you putting in me?" Duo asked, thrashing a little as he was stretched just a little further and then the stretching was gone.

"Anal beads. Ten of them," Quatre told him.

Duo swallowed and willed himself to relax. Trust. He could trust Quatre. Quatre wouldn't hurt him. Quatre knew what he was doing.

One by one the acrylic balls slipped into his ass, linked by a simple nylon cording. He kept thinking he couldn't take another one, but then his ass did take it, and soon he felt full to bursting.

"Quatre," Duo moaned, his voice uneven and hoarse, "God, please take those out. It's fucking killing me!"

"No it's not. You're not in pain, are you?" Quatre asked, jacking Duo's dick lightly.

"It's not that - I -" Duo moaned again and shifted, trying to ease the ache between his legs. He heard a slight clinking and his blindfolded eyes turned toward the sound. "What's going on?"

Quatre laughed lightly. "You think you're dying now! Just wait. I'm going to make you scream."

Duo calmed himself as Quatre took his erection in hand. "What are you gonna do?"

"Nothing that will hurt you, so long as you stay as still as possible," Quatre told him. Duo strove to reach complete immobility, and then felt something slick and cold on the slit of his dick.

Before he could ask what it was it was being pushed inside of his dick. It slid inside , being guided gently by Quatre's hand. He couldn't speak, he was too busy staying still and panting with every breath he took.

Quatre seemed to stop when he had reached halfway down. Duo heard him resituate and he took the moment to calm himself. His cock was on fire, but it didn't hurt as much as he thought it should have.

"What's inside my dick?" Duo asked, his voice breaking.

"A sounding rod," Quatre said offhandedly. Duo heard the strike of a tuning fork over his head, against the wall...

And then he felt it in his whole body. Everything seemed to be shaking, his cock most of all. It felt like an earthquake, and then Quatre started to remove the anal beads.

One by one they slipped out, plopping onto the covers as Duo screamed Quatre's name. His ass was emptying, his cock was stuffed, and he felt like he was going to explode.

And when Quatre replaced the anal beads with his own cock, it was his turn to scream as he rode inside of Duo's tight heat.

It was a very large bath, very large indeed.

But the bath tub wasn't what caught Duo's eyes when he walked into the communal bath room. No, it wasn't the lush amount of foam floating on the water, and it wasn't the shining metal faucets.

No, what caught Duo Maxwell's eye was the fact that his partner, Chang Wufei, was currently sitting on the lap of their fellow Preventer and pilot, Trowa Barton.

And this wasn't the type of sitting on the lap that Duo thought would come with telling Santa what you wanted for Christmas; rather, it was the type of sitting that involved Wufei and Trowa being completely nude, and Wufei moving up and down on Trowa's lap without any concern as to who was seeing them.

Duo stood there, watching Wufei move up and down. Wufei couldn't see him, but Duo knew Trowa could. And as soon as he had that thought, Trowa's eyes opened and caught his.

Duo was torn by the look in those eyes. Trowa was inviting him in, inviting him to touch, but Duo didn't think he could. Duo didn't know if he wanted to.

But he did retreat behind the corner, dropping his bathing supplies on the floor and taking his erection out from under the towel he had wrapped around his waist.

Wufei's moans were coming louder, and more frequent. Trowa's groans were growing deeper and more primitive. Duo's hand sped up, jacking his dick with an intensity rarely seen before.

Duo bit his lip when he came, his semen spilling into his hand as he pictured Trowa's semen flooding Wufei's ass.

He used the towel to clean himself up, and made his way to the showers. It looked like the bath might be occupied for some time to come.

Quatre passed Trowa in the hall and handed him a sheaf of papers. "Did you see?"

Trowa looked puzzled. "See what?"

Quatre smiled and pulled Trowa to the side. "They're smiling at each other, Trowa. They're talking and they're smiling."

Trowa's face became puzzled. "They've been at odds ever since Duo messed up those charges on Mission Anathema."

Quatre nodded. "But now they're being..pleasant to one another."

Trowa cast a look in the direction of Heero and Duo's office, his face a mystery. "I wonder what happened?"


Heero closed and locked their office door, giving Duo a smile that Duo had seen often since they came back from their latest mission.

Heero shrugged off his coat and draped it over his chair, unbuttoning his shirt and laying it over the jacket. Duo cocked an eyebrow and leaned back in his chair, crossing his hands behind his head.

"What are you thinking about?" Duo asked, eyeing Heero's naked torso hungrily.

"I'm thinking that people have been gossiping about us all morning, and they're wondering what changed about us," Heero said as he took off his pants and shoes.

Duo stared openly at Heero's naked body before standing and stripping himself, throwing everything to the side in a pile. "So, to feed the fire, we're going to have the much-fabled office sex?"

Heero smiled and opened a drawer of his desk. "What? Not up for it?"

Duo eyed the tube in Heero's hand and shook his head. "Never said that. I'm always, well, up for it."

Heero laughed lightly at the joke and then his face grew serious as Duo pushed all his papers to the side and hopped up on the desk.

"God, Duo," Heero whispered as Duo laid down on the desk,"to think..."

"Don't think about it. It didn't happen. I'm still here," Duo said gently as he grabbed Heero's hand and led it to his ass. "You got me out in time. If I had made the same mistake as before..."

"But you didn't. You didn't," Heero said softly.

Duo looked up at his lover and smiled. "No one's ever going to believe that you screamed out 'I love you' to get me out of there."

"Just because I screamed it to get you out doesn't make it any less true, you know," Heero pointed out.

Duo arched as a slick finger slid into his ass. "I know it's true. I knew it was true as soon as you said it."

Quatre sat down in a chair that lived in the corner of the darkened library, grateful to get away for a little while. These functions were stuffy and so filled with pretentiousness that he could hardly breathe through the bullshit.

He sipped his champagne and let the cool bubbles slip down his throat, grateful for the small buzz the double bourbon he'd drank earlier had given him. He thought about going to go get another one, but then he thought the better of it; going back out there meant going back out there with them, and he thought he'd had just about enough of lies and false faces tonight.

But there had been that one guy. That tall, gorgeous guy. Quatre had been instantly attracted to him, but hadn't had a chance to meet him yet. If he went back out there, then he could see that guy and maybe introduce himself.

And then, maybe, they could go back to his room and fuck like bunnies.

Quatre shook his head and blamed the earlier bourbon for his lascivious thoughts.

The door to the room opened, and a male voice calmly asked, "Anyone in here?"

Quatre cleared his throat and the silhouetted male in the doorway turned his head toward him. "I'm in here, but I'm the only one, if you needed a place to get away."

"Thank God," the man said as it closed the door behind him. He crossed the room, the sound of his dress shoes soft on the persian carpets.

Quatre flicked on the reading lamp next to him to see who was in the room with him. He smiled when he realized it was Mister Tall and Gorgeous. He held out his hand as he walked over to the man. "My name's Quatre Winner. It's nice to meet you. I saw you talking to Miss Spitzer earlier in the ballroom."

"Trowa Barton," the man said, grasping his hand and giving it a firm shake. "Quatre Winner, of Winner Enterprises? A lot of people have a lot of good things to say about you, Mr. Winner."

"Quatre, please," Quatre flashed Trowa a broad smile. "And I'm sure that whatever they said, it's all lies."

"So, you're not kind-hearted, friendly, smart, and generous?" A smile tilted the edges of Trowa's mouth and Quatre laughed.

"No, I assure you, I'm as wicked as they come," Quatre answered as he sat back down and reached for his champagne glass, only to find it just as empty as it had been before Trowa had come in. "Damn. Out of champagne."

"You know what? Let me help you out with that," Trowa said, opening the door to the library and reaching down to the floor. He produced a full bottle of chilled champagne and Quatre had to arch an eyebrow in puzzlement.

Trowa smirked and tore off the foil, tossing it in a nearby garbage can. "I have to confess, I came looking for you. It took me a while, but I managed to find you before the champagne started to lose its chill."

Quatre leaned back in his chair and ran a hand through his blonde hair. "Is there something you needed of me?"

"You could say that," Trowa answered as he began to work the cork gently out of the bottle. "Or you could say there's something I wanted of you."

The cork came out with a pop, so loud in the quiet room. Trowa had obviously handled a champagne bottle before, as no foam had escaped and the cork had come off safely in his hand. He placed it on a side table and walked over to Quatre. "Can I fill you up?"

Quatre couldn't help it if he heard 'feel you up', but he knew that's not what Trowa had said, and so he ignored it and held out his glass.

Trowa took the glass from his hand and poured the champagne slowly into it, filling it three-quarters of the way. He handed it back to Quatre and took a swig from the bottle.

"Didn't bring my own glass," he explained.

"Don't stand on ceremony on my account," Quatre lifted up his glass and smiled. "A toast. My friend Duo often says that an ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure. May all pretentious assholes soon find that their solid gold shit really is just shit."

Trowa lifted the bottle and took a long drink as Quatre drained his glass and held it out for another refill.

After another glass Quatre was feeling warm and langorous. He removed his tie entirely and hung it on the lamp, unbuttoning his light blue shirt to reveal the white undershirt beneath. "You said you wanted something of me, Trowa?"

Trowa got up from his seat on a leather couch and walked over to Quatre. "I have a rumor I'd like to confirm, if you don't mind."

The hairs on the back of Quatre's neck stood up, and he started to flush with anger. "Are you one of those reporters?"

Trowa shook his head. "No, I'm not. What is said in here tonight is between you and me. No, I just heard a rumor that you were gay."

Quatre's face became a little sad and he looked away. "Yeah, I'm gay. I don't advertise it though."

"I don't advertise it either," Trowa shrugged, taking a swig of champagne once again.

Quatre's eyes widened. "You're gay?"

Trowa's mouth was still full of champagne, and he came closer to Quatre. Slowly, smoothly, he reached around Quatre to cup his neck and pull him closer. Their lips met, and Quatre felt the coolness of champagne mixed with the warmness of another human body. He leaned back, letting Trowa guide him down as their lips moved against one another.

Both of Trowa's hands were on his face now, holding him in place against slick brown leather. Quatre opened his mouth, feeling dizzy and out of control. Cold champagne flooded his mouth as Trowa opened his mouth in response, their tongues sweet and slick against one another as they met and tangled together.

Quatre moaned as he swallowed the champagne and let Trowa kiss him again, let Trowa possess his mouth again. He heard the bottle of champagne thump on the floor as Trowa tried to set it down carefully and heard Trowa panting as he broke the kiss once again.

Quatre tried to lean foward, tried to reclaim that kiss but was stopped by hands on his chest and Trowa's unrelenting mouth pressing down on his again. He sucked on Trowa's tongue and felt Trowa's fingers clumsily unbutton his shirt the rest of the way, felt his hands pushing up his undershirt so that he could brush fingertips over his nipples.

Quatre's side of the kiss stuttered as his nipples were gently pinched and rolled around between Trowa's fingers. Pulses of pleasure went directly from his chest to his cock, taking the shortest route possible as he felt his shaft swell and rise. He moaned and Trowa swallowed it, swallowed the sounds he was making and fucked his mouth with his tongue.

"This is what you wanted of me?" Quatre asked as Trowa's mouth left his to suck on his neck.

"This and more," Trowa said simply as he tongue licked a fresh hickey he had left.

Quatre didn't ask what more, couldn't even think of what more as Trowa pushed up his undershirt enough to take Quatre's nipple in his mouth. The feeling of that soft, silky tongue flicking the hardening nubs and the sharp teeth gently scraping made Quatre arch, made him gasp in pleasure.

Hands worked at his belt, and Quatre sighed as he was unbuttoned and unzipped. His cock was worked free of his trousers, pulled out over his boxer briefs. A large, masculine hand wrapped around his erection and pumped, fondling his balls in turn.

"If I'd known you wanted to do this I would've introduced myself earlier," Quatre heard himself say.

Trowa chuckled as he trailed kisses down Quatre's sternum and stomach. "I was hoping you would."

Quatre braved a look down and watched as Trowa opened his mouth and lapped at his slit, lapped at the clear liquid gathering at the tip. He opened his mouth wider and sucked the head inside, licking along the bottom side of it. The mouth moved down a little and sucked Quatre's balls inside, rolling them around in his mouth, the feeling making Quatre's eyes roll back in his head.

Hot, moist, tight, beautiful. It felt beautiful.

Trowa's mouth returned to his cock and took him inside, swallowing when the erect organ reached the back of his throat. Quatre groaned at the feeling of that sweet mouth convulsing around him, pulsating with pleasure.

The mouth dissapeared for a moment, and Quatre saw Trowa take another gulp of champagne.

"Don't stop," Quatre begged. "Please, don't stop."

Trowa shook his head and brought his head back to Quatre's cock. He opened his mouth and slid the head and shaft back between his lips.

Quatre bucked in the chair and grabbed at Trowa's hair. "Fuck!"

Cold. Cold and bubbly. The champagne slid around his cock and Quatre had never felt such a mix of sensations. He felt his orgasm fast-approaching and he held on tight to Trowa, wanting Trowa to swallow his seed along with the champagne. He thrust inside of Trowa's mouth and came hard, spilling into Trowa's throat. Trowa swallowed, swallowed it all down and milked Quatre's dick with his hand, licking up every last drop before tucking Quatre back in and sitting back on his haunches.

Quatre looked down at Trowa, mussed and amazed. "You're amazing."

Trowa shrugged and stood. "Not as amazing as my cock's going to feel in your ass."

Quatre held up his room key and made his way to the door, not forgetting to grab his tie or coat. "I have a room. We can go up there and fuck like bunnies."

"I haven't heard a better idea all night," Trowa said, placing his hand in the small of Quatre's back as they closed the library door behind them.

They both marched fiercely into the war room, sweat and blood dripping from their brows. They removed their holsters and belts and tossed them onto the table, the silence thick with tension.

"I know you're dying to say it," Duo spat out, turning the safety to his gun back on and taking out the clip.

"Fuck off," Heero said with a grunt as he wiped his bloodied knife clean. "I have nothing I want to say to you."

"Oh, now that ain't true. I can see it there, hovering on your lips. You want to blame this all on me."

Heero spared Duo a angry glare before sheathing his knife. "You should have died out there. You are a fucking liability."

"A liability?" Duo asked, incensed. "I'm a liability? Look who's talking! If you could keep your mind on the job and not on Johnson's ass then we wouldn't be having this problem!"

Heero's pistol clunked on the table as he whipped around to face Duo. "Johnson's ass? Who was the one practically licking Quatre's earlobe?"

Duo barked out a bitter laugh. "Quatre? God damn, Heero! You sure have an imagination! I hope you put it to good use when you bend over for Johnson!"

The punch came quickly, a right hook to his jaw. Duo staggered back, shocked. He only took a moment to recover before he threw his own punch, a left cross to Heero's cheekbone.

There were only punches, not kicks. There were jabs, hooks, and crosses. Their faces became more bloody, their knuckles more bruised. Duo's right eye had puffed up completely and Heero's nose was broken.

They finally pulled back from each other, teeth bared in fierce grins, their breathing coming in hard and fast pants.

"You're that jealous?" Heero asked as he spat blood out his mouth and onto the floor.

Duo wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and shook it off before wiping it on his fatigues. "Fuck you."

"You know, you never said our relationship was exclusive. What would it matter if I was giving it to Johnson? I could be giving it to him in the ass, bent over his desk..."

"Shut the fuck up, Heero," Duo said weakly. He turned around and looked for a first aid kit, seeking to stop the leaking of blood that was coming from his lip.

Four steps and then Heero was behind him, yanking Duo close to him, shoving his hand down Duo's pants.

"If you'd fucking been paying attention you would've realized that I am more preoccupied with you than I've ever been more preoccupied with anyone else. It's always been that way." Heero unzipped and unbuttoned Duo's pants, pulling his cock out and stroking it roughly. "You're always so damned stubborn, Duo. Always looking for an excuse."

Duo braced his hands on the table and hung his head down, watching Heero jack his dick until it was erect and swollen. "Like you don't have flaws, you fucker."

Heero let his head fall to Duo's back, his forehead wiped clean by the cotton of Duo's shirt. "Of course I have flaws. But you do too. I just wish you'd start trusting me, and start believing that all I want is you."

Duo's breathing was heavy, his balls warm and heavy between his legs. Heero's hand sped up, and Duo moaned softly. "I wasn't licking Quatre's earlobe. I was just talking to him about you!"

"About me?" Heero asked, his own dick hard in his pants. He rubbed against Duo's ass, trying to relieve the pressure, trying to achieve his own release. There were too many clothes involved, and he used his free hand to push down the front of his pants and draw out his own dick.

"Yes, about you damnit!"

The air was filled with the sound of the two of them panting and groaning, the air growing hotter with every passing moment. Heero came first, his semen coating Duo's pants on the ass, Duo following a short time later with his come coating Heero's hand and the floor.

Heero licked his fingers, tasting Duo's semen on them. Duo straightened up and tucked himself in, clearing his throat.

"We need to talk more," Duo said with a grim smile.

Heero looked at him and pushed his hair out of his face. "Yeah, I think we do."

Wolfwood approached Vash carefully, not because he thought Vash would turn on him, but because he knew Vash didn't like it when people saw him when he was vulnerable. Seeing the massacre all around them, Wolfwood knew Vash would be as vulnerable as he could be. Nothing affected Vash like death. Especially death that seemed so unjust, so terrible in its very nature.

These kids didn't deserve to die. Hell, no kid deserved to die. But here they were, one after another in a line of death. It smelled like death here. It smelled like rotten meat.

He placed a hand on Vash's shoulder, and wasn't surprised that it was quickly shrugged off. Wolfwood back up a pace or two and lit a cigarette.

"Knives?" he asked, taking a long drag.

Vash nodded, and then shook his head in protest. "Not Knives in truth. It was Legato. But Legato acts only with the permission of Knives."

Wolfwood shook his head and watched as a piece of ash swirled into the dry breeze of the desert. He stayed quiet, watching Vash's mind work. He could hear the gearsb turning, he could feel Vash's rage mounting.

"What do you think I should do, Wolfwood?"

The question surprised the priest, and he took the cigarette out of his mouth. "You do what you have to do, Vash. You've never listened to what anyone else had to say on the subject anyway."

Vash pushed his sunglasses up onto the bridge of his nose and started to walk away. "Yeah, but what do I have to do, and what's the right thing to do? I've never figured the answer to that one out. So if you have any bright ideas, please let me know."

Note: In the same universe as "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained."

Relena dug her toes into the sand and pushed her sunglasses up her nose so that she didn't look like someone's grandmother. Her bikini revealed more of her body than she was used to revealing, but it felt good to have so much skin exposed to the bright sun, to watch it bronze and laughing at the tan lines later while she was in the bathroom.

She wasn't the only one who liked the tan lines; Wufei liked them too. He liked to lick them and trace them with his tongue while they were hidden in the beach cottage they had rented for the week.

It was hard for her to get away as a member of the city council. There were always appointments and events to get to, so this little vacation to the Bahamas was more than welcome. But it had been such a special occasion that she could hardly resist when Wufei had suggested it.

It was a year since they had met again at their high school reunion. That night Wufei had shown her that although she felt her life was over, he knew better. He had shown her what it was like to have someone want her so badly that they almost burned with the fire of it. He had made love to her more than once that night, and in the morning everything in her life had changed.

Relena smiled at the lapping waves and thought they had definitely changed for the better.

Wufei had proved to be everything that she had thought her first husband would be but wasn't. Wufei was attentive, ambitious, passionate, straight-forward, and successful. He was smart, kind and Relena wished she had known him before, wished that she had seen what he was back while they were in high school.

She had fallen in love with him far sooner than she thought she could, and far sooner than she thought she should. It scared her desperately, to feel so strongly for a man she'd been with for only a year. Sometimes she thought about taking off, thought about not giving him a chance to hurt her; but then he'd look at her with those dark, dark eyes and she'd forget every reason she had to leave. She'd just remember how she felt under him and how she felt when he smiled at her and then all her resolve would be gone.

Relena heard him walk up behind her, felt him drop onto the sand and pull her back, between his legs. His lips descended on her warm neck, sucking at the skin lightly before trailing kisses up to her sensitive earlobes.

"If it weren't illegal I'd pin you down right here and make love to you," he said softly as his hands snaked around her waist.

Relena closed her eyes and saw the image there. Heat coiled in her belly and she put her hands over his before leaning completely back into him.

"There's something on your mind," Wufei commented, and it wasn't a question.

Relena turned her head so she could see Wufei's eyes. "Everyone always has something on their minds."

Wufei nodded. "Yes, but not everyone conceals it the way you have for quite some time now."

Relena turned back to the sea and let her eyes focus on the blue of the ocean. "Did you love your wife?"

"Yes," Wufei said, "I couldn't help but love her. Everyone loved her. But it was never that deep, passionate, burning love that endures. I loved her as a friend, and ultimately I could have maybe felt that burning for her, but she was gone before I had a chance to try."

Relena soaked the information in before opening her mouth. "I'm scared."

Wufei's hands moved away from Relena's stomach and up her arms, holding her shoulders. "You assume I'm not."

Relena laughed softly. "Chang Wufei doesn't get scared. You always seem to know exactly what you want, and know exactly how to get it."

Wufei stood and pulled Relena up to her feet. Looking her in the eyes he said softly: "Then how come I'm scared I'm going to lose you?"

Relena brushed a stray lock of hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. "Maybe you will. Maybe my thoughts are not the same as your thoughts and maybe you don't feel for me like I feel for you. There are a lot of things left unspoken between us, Wufei."

Wufei held Relena in place with his hands on her upper arms. "Do you love me, Relena?"

Relena felt her resolve strengthen, just by being forced to stand her. If there was one thing she could do, it was put on a mask and face the gallows. "Yes, I do. And if that ruins the whole thing, so be it."

Lips crushed against her own as she was pulled against Wufei's sun-warmed body. He kissed her as deeply as he had that first night, weakening her knees and making her head swim. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think, and she bent underneath him, bent under his will and his passion.

When he let her go her lips were swollen and red, her knees shaking. She put a hand over her mouth and took a step back.

"I thought..." she stopped there and composed herself before speaking again. "I was scared to tell you. I'm scared of being hurt again."

Wufei wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "I can't make any promises, Relena. All I can promise you is to keep on loving you the way I have for a year now. That's all I can do."

Relena closed her eyes and relaxed against Wufei, listenting to the beat of his heart in his chest. If that's all he could do, then that's what she would take.

There was an inherent need in both of them that they never spoke out loud about but that became very evident in the bedroom at night.

It first began with Vash accidentally pressing down on Wolfwood's windpipe one day, making his friend and lover gasp for air and his face turn the slightest shade of red. Not the red of an embarassed blush, but the dark flush that signified a lack of oxygen reaching his brain.

Vash remembered being shocked, and lifting the arm that had been across Wolfwood's throat quickly. Wolfwood had inhaled quickly, taking in a large amount of air, and that sound had gone straight to Vash's cock, had almost made him come right then and there.

Vash didn't think about it again until one night, during a drunken fight, when Wolfwood had put his hands around Vash's throat and pressed down with his fingers, stopping Vash's breath. Vash had felt all of a sudden felt cut off, felt his heart beating inside his ears, had seen the blackness that formed around the edges of his vision before Wolfwood let go.

When Wolfwood let go they were both hard as rocks, both sporting erections that had required being taken care of in the back room of the saloon.

One night Vash sat down and brought it up. "What is this, thing, about the choking?"

Wolfwood shrugged, his cigarette hanging limply from his lips. "I dunno. It just feels..good. Isn't that all that matters?"

Vash sighed and stood up, walking to the window. "I feel like I'm dying when you choke me like that. I feel like I'm dying but then, when you let go, I feel more alive than I did before. I feel like I've been given another chance."

Wolfwood shrugged and took a swig of whiskey. "We're all dying, Vash. We all die a little more every day."

Vash looked back towards Wolfwood and gave him a sad smile. "When you choke me, I feel like it's burning away the pain. It's a redemption."

Wolfwood stood and shoved his hands in his pockets. "That's redemption? I think it's more like punishment, myself."

Vash watched him leave the room and then looked back out the window. "Redemption is a punishment too, Wolfwood. Especially if you aren't sure you deserve to be saved."

And I think that's it. :-)


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