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[FIC] Show You No Mercy

Title: Show You No Mercy
Author: WickedGame
Genre: PWP, sort of torture
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: 1+2, 1x1
Warnings: masturbation, drugged Heero, foul language, not beta read.
Notes: Written for asia_2, who drew this really nice picture of Heero masturbating. This is for you babe.

The OZ soldiers looked at the torn leather straps, the tipped medical table and the broken window with amazement and some trepidation.

“Which one of us is going to explain that pilot 01 escaped before the tests could be completed?”

All five soldiers shook their heads and tried to contemplate what their punishment would be.

Seems that their captive must not have been as unconscious as they had thought.


Heero landed Wing Zero in the hidden hangar quickly and almost dangerously. He looked around through half-closed lids and found breathing difficult with the constant panting. He had to get out of this enclosed, hot place. He needed to get inside and lock himself in a room until this drug wore off. He needed to not encounter anyone and most of all, he needed to get control of himself before he exploded.

But God! The need! This hunger and want… His cock was heavy with desire and twitching with arousal. It poked out the top of his spandex shorts, the clear liquid dripping down out of the slit. He wouldn’t let this rule him. He wasn’t going to let those OZ perverts make him touch himself!

He rode the cable down, nearly screaming as his crotch made contact with the cable. He looked around and saw no one. He started to sprint toward the ramshackle safe house, praying that no one would cross his path and see him like this…praying that no one would stop him for anything.

He had almost made it too, until he opened the front door of the house.


Duo was in the middle of drying his hair when Heero burst through the door. The dark-haired man stopped in his tracks and took in Duo’s half-naked state, his black jodhpurs the only thing on his damp body.

Duo watched as Heero frantically pulled his tank top out of his shorts and held his hands in front of him. It was puzzling behavior and he took a step toward Heero. “You all right, Heero?”

Heero’s eyes widened like he was a deer caught in headlights and he darted around Duo, running down the hallway. His door closed with a slam and locked with an audible click.

Duo shrugged his shoulders and reached for his shirt. Deathscythe needed a systems check before it got dark. He could ask Heero how his mission went later.


Heero curled up in a ball on the bed. He mentally cursed Duo. Why the hell had he been walking around like that anyway? That long hair, dripping wet and shining, heavy in his hands….

Those black pants, hugging his slim hips…

Pale skin, crisscrossed with scars and red lines….

Dusky pink nipples, erect from the cold air…

Heero sobbed as he sought comfort, the mere touch of cool sheets startling his pleasure receptors.


His blueprints had been incomplete, and he had found himself trapped. They had stunned him with some kind of special dart and he had blacked out.

When he woke, it was to an empty room. He was tied down with only leather straps and he couldn’t figure out why the soldiers had been so stupid as to leave him like that. He took stock of the room and then broke the straps. There was a stool in the room that served very well to break the window and then he had jumped down the four stories. His ankle had twisted slightly but he ran like hell to where he had hidden his Gundam. Together they had escaped.

It was only when he was about halfway home that things started to change inside of him. It was unbearably hot in his cockpit, even thought the ambient temperature was still only reading as sixty-five degrees. He started to pant, and his cock began to grow hard. His nipples became erect and every shift dragged his tank top across the flesh, startling little gasps out of him. He was painfully aroused, and every pore was feeling it. His fingertips even shot pleasure nerves into his brain as he caressed his controls.

They had given him some kind of pleasure-enhancing drug and now he was literally too horny to function.


Heero’s hands reached for his pants and he tried to resist. He didn’t want to touch himself when they were making him. He didn’t want to give them the satisfaction. If only Duo hadn’t been there when he came inside the house! Duo was already such a distraction to him with his soft skin and large eyes. Heero was more attracted to Duo than he wanted to be, felt more for the American than he ever wanted to feel. He was scared of how Duo made him feel for the simple reason that he wasn’t suppose to feel anything for these allies, for these weapons of war. They were slowly becoming his friends, becoming more than J had bargained for. And Duo was the worst of them all, making Heero want.

Heero’s hand defied him and snuck under his waistband, caressing hard flesh that pulsed with need. He moaned and sweated, trying to resist pumping to no avail. He fisted his cock and moved the hand up and down, knowing it was going to be quick and sobbing at his betrayal.

Feeling this release would be letting OZ win this round and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

He turned partially on his side and his free hand snuck up underneath his green tank top to twist at a brown nipple. He arched where he lay and groaned, hating the visions that started to dance through his head.

Duo dripping wet.

Duo’s hand where his was now.

Duo’s head between his thighs.

Duo’s naked ass in front of him, ready to accept his cock.

Heero’s hand moved faster, and his orgasm built up quickly. The warmth spread throughout him like the pre-come was spreading over his head. Heero couldn’t hold back the gasps of Duo’s name that escaped as his orgasm came up from his toes and started to spurt from his slit in angry bursts, his hips rocking back and forth instinctively on the bed.

His hand fell limp inside his shorts, his dick softening for the moment. But Heero knew, judging from the fire inside of him, that it would be only a brief reprieve. The drug would only give him a slight break before making things unbearable again.

He hoped a cold shower would help and so he gingerly moved to gather his supplies.

As he opened the door to his bedroom he thought he heard the front door close quietly but he looked and no one was there.

He prayed that it would stay that way, because if he came across Duo in this state he didn’t know if he could be responsible for what happened.

-The End-

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